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OOTD: Interview with a make-up artist!

So today I have my first interview for an article that I will be writing for Carolina STYLE Magazine!!! I am responsible for writing the make-up artist feature for July, and have the honor of spending my Monday with Charlene Kongolo, whose work you can see here: Being that this is my first official assignment for the magazine, I have a whirlwind of thoughts and feelings going through my head. Thankfully I put my outfit together last night, relieving some of the pressure from today!

Skirt: H&M
Ruffle Blouse: MANGO
Shoes: Steve Madden
Sunglasses: Emporio Armani
Clutch: Wilson’s Leather
Bangles: uknown
Photography by JJ McDaniel

What do you think?

Check back for a link to the article!

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It’s a celebration!

So I am officially a part of the STYLE team at Carolina STYLE Magazine! I’ll be contributing to the Fashion, Beauty and Events departments! I am so thankful and excited!

My husband ran out and bought some champs as soon as I got the news and we had a mini celebration!

I have already received some of my assignments and will be busy working on those, but will keep you all posted on where to see the features, and will of course, be posting as usual on my blog. Stay tuned!

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Tangy Tangerine

“Tangerine Tango” has been voted the hottest color for Spring, Summer, and even Fall 2012.

How best to rock this juicy color? I love it with black and white, but if you are feeling bold, bright pink (think a pink flambé) or even green (think pistachio or aquamarine) pair wonderfully with this delicious color. 

My advice? If you’re going to buy into any trend this year, make sure it’s this one. It’s color that you will be able to wear from now through the fall. 

I leave you with some of my favorites, and a line from Led Zeppelin…

“Tangerine, Tangerine, Living a reflection from a dream.”

Stella McCartney Pullover, $377
Sophie Theallet Pencil Skirt, $705
Roksanda Ilincic Bikini, $340
Michael Kors Satchel, $795
Marv Graff Necklace, $196
Burberry London Scarf, $315
Prada Sunglasses, $290
Giorgio Armani Lipstick, $30
Bond Unisex Fragrance, $175
Essie Nail Polish, $6.25
BijouxBar Wrap Bracelet, $90

Resort Trending 2013: Short Suits

For those of you looking for a fashion fix between Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter, don’t fret, the Resort trends for 2013 have arrived. 

The Resort 2013 Fashion Shows which took place in Paris, London, New York, and Milan, have me swooning. My first spot light will be about one my favorites: the short suit.

Belstaff, Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, Jason Wu

Pucci, Jason Wu, Theyskens, Tory Burch

Photos from Harper’s Bazaar

So fresh and so MINT!

Jumping into a pool, the ocean or a shower, is not the only way to stay feeling fresh. This summer, mint is cool! So get fresh with it!

Here are some of my personal favorites:

Elkin Mint Skull Bracelet $70
Seven For All Mankind Mint Super Skinny Gwenevere Pant $210
Vespa Mint Green illustration from Etsy
Diane Von Furstenberg Mint Green Sudan Wedges $175
Mint Vintage Stripe Print Tee $12
Miss Heartbreaker PolkaDot Dress $39

For a bohemian chic look, I would recommend pairing a pair of mint skinny jeans with a lacy blouse, or a top with floral prints. Alternatively, work the romantic look by matching the mint with another pastel color, such as salmon, or a baby yellow. I think these are great combinations that you can only really pull of during the spring and summer months, so I recommend you take advantage!

Feel free to incorporate the minty fresh with one of this season’s other trends: bright colors! Whether it be neon, or color blocking, minty green is a tame enough color that you can vavavoom it up with a bright splash of color. My personal favorites? Black & mint for a more sophisticated look, maybe more appropriate for the office, and bright pink & mint for a more playful, fun, summer look that is sure to show off your extra color.

While these are a great way to get a subtle minty flavor, don’t hold back from the “total look.” Mint Green is a subtle enough color in and of it self, so you can wear it head to toe, either in the form of a maxi-dress, or perhaps a pair of mint green skinny jeans with a mint green polka dot blouse. I would recommend that if you do take this route, you add a splash of color, or contrast with your accessories; sunglasses, purse, jewelry, shoes, watch or belt.

I’ll keep you posted on what I pair with my favorite mints. Please share yours too!

A Celebration of Vidal Sassoon

Photo courtesy of:

Kätlin Toompalu is an up and coming hair stylist who is currently located in Oslo, Norway. She was kind enough to talk to me about the “A Celebration of Vidal Sassoon” event that she was a part of on May 31st, 2012. 

But before we get to that, I wanted to comb through some of the finer details about the late legend.

The British hairdresser revolutionized the “wash and wear” philosophy. “With a great haircut they could shake it, brush it, do whatever they wanted and it would fall into place. This changed the craft.” and it really did; the intricate styles of the 1950s made room for a more manageable hair routine for women.  I would guess that he would appreciate the growing trend of the DIY hairstyle tutorials that are available on Pinterest and the like. 

Sassoon’s influences went beyond external beauty, specifically when he opened the Center for the study of Antisemitism. He also played a significant role in the relief efforts following the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina.

He passed on May 9th, 2012 after his two year long battle with leukemia. 

Photo courtesy of:

Kätlin has been training at Adam & Eve in Oslo, and is ready to make her mark on the Oslo fashion and beauty scene. You heard it here first! 

She was kind enough of to take some time out of her busy days to talk to me about her experiences…Thank you Kätlin!

1. Could you tell us a little bit about the fashion scene in Oslo?

To be completely honest with you, before I started the school I  had no idea about fashion. I just tried to find something comfortable and warm to wear, I think that is what most of the Norwegians think as well. Walking around, I sometimes wonder if they cared enough to look in the mirror before heading out.

From my point of view it’s definitely new and developing, younger generation and men might be more interested in it, but overall I don’t think it matters much to them.

2. What were your experiences with the show and what was your role? 

As you know, I’m a student at the hairdressing school Adam and Eve and this was our graduate show. Vidal Sassoon is most known for his wedge-bobs. The theme of the show was clear with the sharp angles and glossy straight hair.
Our budget was 0 and we had a week to find the models/sponsors and put the entire show together. Me and 2 other girls were responsible for the clothes. For the girl models we used the new Summer collection from Oasis. 

In total we had 22 models, so most of us were responsible for cutting/styling one of them.

3. What was the highlight of the event for you? 

The highlight of the show for me was when it finally started. The excitement of sharing with others what we’ve accomplished after just 4 months in school. The positive feedback from audience. The entire week was just amazing. 

Photo courtesy of:

4. What if any predictions do you have for hair and beauty trends for the fall/winter?

 I think it’s going to be all about the black eyeliner, statement lashes, simple plaits (braids), natural looking haircolour or the complete opposite – short and edgy with lots of different colours.

5. What is your favorite summer trend and why?

It’s got to be bright colours, bold prints and dip dye hair looks. It just makes everything more cheerful, especially when it decides to rain for a couple of weeks. 

6. What (if anything) do you think makes the fashion, beauty, style scene in Oslo different/unique?

People aren’t afraid to be themselves and they don’t get judged for it. I think that says it all.

7. How did you get into the industry, and what advice would you have for those trying to break into the industry?

Well, I wouldn’t say I’m entirely in the industry yet, perhaps with just one foot. There’s definitely a lot more work to be done. Patience, positivity, passion and confidence are the key words though.

It seems that the fashion world in Oslo is up and coming, but certainly one that we should keep our eye on. Well who am I kidding…some of my favorite token pieces are from Oslo. Don’t miss out…